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Stephen Curry Sends Message To Trolls After Legendary 62 Point Outburst: "Tonight Was Fun! Sometimes You Don’t Have To Say Anything. Stay Present, Stay In The Moment... Have Fun."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Stephen Curry has himself a night on Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry set a new career-high in points with 62. The Warriors were the butt of jokes after their first loss against Portland. Curry responded to the haters by bringing his team to a much-needed win against a Western Conference opponent.

Plenty of people have already offered praise and encouragement to the former MVP for setting a new career-high. After all, it was a historic night that resulted in a win. He won't drop 62 on a regular basis, but if he can be close to his MVP level self, the Warriors are going to be an interesting team in the Western Conference. Curry himself posted on Instagram to describe his emotions after his supernova night.

Stephen Curry is a legendary player who didn't deserve any slander, especially not 5 games into a new season, with a lot of younger players. The Warriors system takes some time to get adapted to, and it's natural for the season to start off rough. People forget that a lot of the Warriors' young core are all young and athletic players who can score. Once they figure out their defense, that is a promising roster. But it will take Stephen Curry being transcendent for them to reach their full potential, and he's doing just that.

Stephen Curry has been a polarizing player for many; most legendary players are. People who criticize him often overlook the impact he has had on the league. Luckily, there are many people, especially players who recognize his greatness. Hopefully, Curry will continue to do what all greats do: dominate.