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Stephen Curry Shares An Iconic Picture With A Cigar And All His Trophies: "What They Gonna Say Now?"

Stephen Curry Shares An Iconic Picture With A Cigar And All His Trophies: "What They Gonna Say Now?"

The Golden State Warriors are enjoying their championship parade in San Francisco this Monday, as the fans are out in force to celebrate the NBA title with the team. The team is feeling themselves, with Draymond Green already going off on the people that doubted them during his speech and now Stephen Curry has also gotten himself in on the action. 

Curry is generally reserved and not known for being petty, but that seems to have changed this season, with Steph calling himself the 'Petty King' earlier in the month. And this championship has meant a lot to him too, his emotional response when the Warriors clinched it in Boston is a testament to that. 

Steph shared a picture of himself from the parade with his Finals MVP, his Western Conference MVP trophy, the NBA trophy and his rings in his hands, and a celebratory cigar in his mouth. 

"What they gonna say now???"

Curry has been bashed at numerous points in the last few seasons by his haters for not winning a Finals MVP, with many suggesting that he wouldn't have the accolades he does if Golden State hadn't built a superteam with Kevin Durant. This championship run has put an end to all those narratives and Curry asking what his critics will say now has been a theme since the win

Curry averaged 27.5 points per game during this playoff run, and over 30 during the NBA Finals, with there being no doubt that he was the biggest superstar on the court on the NBA's biggest stage. There is no way to critique his play, he almost single-handedly dragged the Warriors to wins at times during their hard-fought series wins. 

As someone that has been here before though, Steph is unlikely to gloat for too long, he knows as well as anyone else what it takes to win another championship and repeat. The Warriors superstar is surely not done building his legacy just yet, and only his biggest haters would bet against Curry adding more trophies to his collection.