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Stephen Curry Signs An Autograph After Fan Does Pushups At The Golf Course

Stephen Curry Signs an Autograph After Fan Does Pushups At The Golf Course

Warriors star Steph Curry has quickly become a fan favorite in the NBA. After years of dominance and highlight plays, he has played his way into the hearts and minds of countless fans around the globe.

This week, he made headlines again for blessing one daring fan with an autograph after he started doing pushups at a golf course. 

It made for an awesome moment from Curry, who went viral on social media.

That wasn't the only thing Curry did at the golf match. He also went viral for his electric celebration after nailing this swing.

Stephen Curry is one of the biggest golf enthusiasts in the modern NBA. Everyone knows that golfing is entrenched in the NBA with the infamous stories of Michael Jordan on the golf course with all the top stars of the '90s. While the league-wide love isn't the same, Curry spends all of his offseasons on the green. 

Curry is currently playing in the American Century Championship golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe and having a blast while doing it. There have been plenty of viral clips of Curry at the event, with him giving an autograph to a 20-year-old after he did 20 push-ups in front of the NBA star.

Curry is performing on the tee as well, participating in the long-drive contest at the tournament. After Curry hit the ball with his club, a loud cheer from the crowd confirmed to everyone that this could be a contest-winning strike. Steph looked back at the crowd and did the iconic Vince Carter 'it's over' celebration.

Curry, 34, is living his best life after winning the title this year. With his fourth championship victory, Curry has solidified his place in NBA history and can rest easy knowing his legacy is secure.

Now, all that's left is to have fun, and he clearly has no issues with that.