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Stephen Curry Speaks On Making An All-Defensive Team This Season: "If You Want To Start That Narrative For Me, Please, By All Means. I Will Happily Do My Part To Try To Make You A Prophet."

LeBron James And Damian Lillard Were In Awe Of Stephen Curry's 45-PT Explosion

There is no denying how great a shooter Stephen Curry is, but his effort on defense has often been overlooked over the years. Granted, he is not the most defensively-minded guard in the league, but he puts in a decent shift on occasion.

Curry has been shooting lights out this season, knocking down three-pointers and inspiring MVP chants in hostile arenas. While that is great, the NBA community is not getting lost in the euphoria, as they have also taken notes of his work rate on the other end of the floor.

Speaking to reporters after the incredible fourth-quarter comeback against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Steph was asked if he wants to make an All-Defensive team and he responded:

 "If you want to start that narrative for me, please, by all means. I will happily do my part to try to make you a prophet."

While there are obvious improvements to Stephen Curry's defense, making an All-Defensive team might be a long shot. Nonetheless, his response gives an insight into his mindset, on how he is willing to do anything possible on the floor to make sure the Golden State Warriors are successful.

Curry's effort on defense throughout his career has always only shown through steal, his quick hands and high basketball IQ help him intercept passes and launch a fastbreak. Surprisingly, Curry is delivering both on the perimeter and the interior. So far this season, he has ten blocks, which makes it safe to say that he could surpass his season-high 25 blocks sometime soon.

Three are several other guards that will undoubtedly be considered for the NBA All-Defensive teams before Curry. But it is nice to see that his improvement in that regard is not going unnoticed.

In the Warriors' last outing against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Curry finished the game with 40 points, six assists, four rebounds, and two steals. Down 13, Steph scored 20 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Warriors to a 104-89 win. It was an incredible showing on both ends of the floor, as the Cavs were held to only eight points in the entire fourth quarter.