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Stephen Curry Tells The Story Of How His Daughter Helped Him Sign With Under Armour

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Stephen Curry's NBA journey has been one for the ages. Despite the fact that his father played in the league, he was never a highly-touted prospect or a coveted recruit.

Curry worked his way into the league and even so, a lot of people doubted his ability to dominate the game because of his lack of strength. Moreover, he struggled with ankle injuries during the first passage of his career.

That's why, when the time came to choose a sneaker brand to launch his own shoe line, he thought that the most important thing was to find a sneaker that helped him cope with those issues:

“I had some ankle chillers at the time and I really needed a shoe that just felt good and gave me confidence… And I just stood in a room full of shoes and put them on,” Steph told The Sneaker Game. “At the time Under Armour was just launching their Spawns and there were some new innovations coming.”

Obviously, it was kind of odd to see Curry leaning towards Under Armour instead of Nike, Jordan, or Adidas, considering he was a rising star in the league.

Nonetheless, UA's design was his favorite, and he had a bit of outside help from his baby daughter Riley, who threw away those shoes she didn't like and eventually chose the Spawns as their favorites:

“My daughter Riley was at the time was two and I was at my agent’s house down in LA. We were just kinda messing around with a bag full of all the shoes… I said, ‘Riley come on here, and help me put all these shoes around,'” Steph added. “So I had Nike, Adidas, Brandblack, Under Armour shoes in the middle of the room and I told her, ‘Go pick your favorite and hand it to daddy. “That was pretty much the end of it right there," 

In some way, those shoes perfectly resemble Stephen Curry. He wasn't the most popular player entering the league or the most coveted prospect in college. He made himself. That pragmatic approach earned him a huge load of money on that sneaker deal.