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Stephen Curry Thinks The Warriors Can Create A Championship Squad Next Season

Stephen Curry Thinks The Warriors Can Create A Championship Squad Next Season

Do not sleep on the Golden State Warriors. That's the message Stephen Curry is sending to everybody doubting their chances to be a competitive team again and be part of the conversation for the NBA title in the next season.

This campaign was a nightmare for the Dubs, but they can get something good out of that situation, as Curry recently stated. The 2x NBA MVP is confident that his team can get things back on track next season and being a contender squad once again. Following the departure of Kevin Durant and the injury of Klay Thompson, this season looked very complicated for the Dubs.

After Curry broke his hands, everything went worse for them. That only fuels their desire to win and Curry is convinced they can do a good job next year.

“If we were to have this conversation back in November, I was still in that championship hunger type of mode,” Curry said on the “The Life Podcast” with Anthony Morrow and Justin Jack. “It was just framed around a bunch of new faces, a bunch of young guys, obviously KD leaving … let’s just get to the playoffs and obviously when we get there let’s just get Klay back and we know what type of team we’re gonna be, and we’re gonna be a hard out and we can surprise a lot of people.”

They could have a great starting lineup next season with the addition of Andrew Wiggins. They have big chances to get a lottery draft pick, so everything points out that the Warriors could once again be that team that draws all the attention in the West. Of course, the NBA landscape changed after the 2019 free agency, but Curry remains hungry.

"When we get back, one we’re gonna be happy just playing basketball. But two, unbelievably hungry,” he added.

“You look at the lineup that we could potentially put out there next year, I like it,” Curry said.

Be ready, because these guys aren't playing. Klay has shown his desire to prove everybody wrong, too, so the Warriors are coming to reclaim their throne.