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Stephen Curry Took A Shot At Grant Williams While Getting A Haircut: “A Very Disciplined Cut.”

Stephen Curry

The 2021-22 NBA season was one of the most memorable seasons in the history of the Golden State Warriors franchise. After seemingly the end of the dynasty back in 2019, the Dubs made a huge comeback this season.

The Warriors announced their return during the regular season with some pretty insane performances. But they truly started dominating their opponents during the postseason.

Obviously, the Dubs continued their sensational form in the 2022 NBA Finals as well. They faced the Boston Celtics in a battle to lift the prestigious Larry O'Brien trophy. Surprisingly, the Celtics were deemed to be the favorites in the series.

But the Warriors never even really gave the Celtics a chance to try to win the series. After a hard-fought battle, the Warriors became the 2022 NBA champions.

Although the Warriors won the series fair and square, many Celtics players are still salty about losing to the Dubs. One such player is Grant Williams, who recently claimed that the Warriors weren't the better team in the 2022 NBA Finals but the more disciplined team.

“When I’ve reflected and looked back to those games, I still will say confidently, confidently to this day [the Warriors] weren’t the better team. I will say that confidently. I will say they were the more disciplined team. I will say that without a doubt. Their discipline and also, I guess their history of being in the Finals, their championship pedigree, you say, that was real."

Well, most expected Steph to give a befitting reply to Williams soon. But they didn't expect that Curry would do so at the 2022 ESPYS. Steph roasted Williams and even said that he might even let him wear his ring for a while.

Apart from roasting Williams at the 2022 ESPYs, Curry also took a jab at the Celtics player prior to the event while sharing a picture of his "disciplined cut."

After the 2022 ESPYS, Curry has well and truly earned the nickname "Petty King." He fired shots at others throughout the event.

It felt like Curry wanted to give a befitting reply to each and every one of his doubters. In doing so, some have claimed that Steph's behavior was somewhat cringe-worthy. But most NBA fans loved Steph's shenanigans at the 2022 ESPYS.