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Stephen Curry Was Dissatisfied With Draymond Green's Ejection In Game 1: "I Didn't Think He Deserved That"

Stephen Curry Not Worried About Draymond Green's Struggles In NBA Finals: "You Don’t Win Championships And Be The Team That We Are If You Don’t Have It In Your DNA"

Steph Curry and Draymond Green have been teammates for Green's entire career, with both having spent their entire careers with the Golden State Warriors team. Alongside Klay Thompson, the three players have an almost unbreakable bond that goes beyond basketball. 

The trio is the most effective on the court when they are together, as they all make up for each other's deficiencies perfectly. As a result, they also go to bat for each other very strongly and willingly. This was proven with Curry commenting on Draymond Green's ejection from Game 1 in Memphis.

The Warriors took a 117-116 win in Game 1 of the second round against the Grizzlies but saw Draymond ejected towards the end of the second quarter for a foul that most people believe didn't warrant a Flagrant 2. Curry is on this boat as well, talking about how calls like these aren't good for the game.

It's a tough call, obviously on the road. To start the series, and you get a guy like Draymond headed to the locker room. Nobody wants to see that, it's not good for the game. I didn't think he deserved that, obviously."

Curry is right about this not being good for the game, as ejecting players like Draymond for minor infractions can severely compromise the quality of basketball played on the court. Fans want to see both the teams at their best taking on each other. GSW played the entire second half without their primary playmaker and best defender on the court.

The Warriors struggled without Draymond through the start of 2022 and were 19-17 without him, which has proven the value he brings on the court. To rob the fans of a competitive contest between Memphis and GSW by ejecting Green for a soft foul is a bad look for the NBA.