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Stephen Curry's Epic Reaction When Andre Iguodala Was Named Finals MVP

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Back in 2015, when the Golden State Warriors won their first of three titles in the past decade, Andre Iguodala earned the MVP Finals. Iggy did a terrific job during that series, but several fans thought Stephen Curry had also a big chance to win the award.

Steph led his team in total points, assists, and steals during that series, which made a very good case for him. However, Iguodala's defensive work on LeBron James throughout that series was remarkable, and the veteran swingman even went off on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the clincher to give his team the championship. That was the decisive factor that gave Iggy the award, and Curry couldn't be happier about it.

A video shows Steph's reaction when Adan Silver named Iguodala as the Finals MVP. Contrary to what some might think, instead of being salty of making a face of surprise or disagreement with the decision, Curry celebrated the award more than he would've celebrated if he had won it.

He's all about the team and this footage is a great example of that. Curry hasn't won a Finals MVP in his career, but that's not something that disrupts his sleep.