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Stephen Curry's Hilarious Reaction After Making A Game-Winner Against The Rockets: "It's About Time I Made One... That's The First One!"

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Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is a generational talent, and there are no two ways to look at it. Throughout his career, he has been a phenomenal player and has accumulated numerous accolades. However, there was one thing that Curry was missing from his list of achievements.

Yes, we are talking about that despite being unarguably the greatest shooter of all time, Steph had never hit a game-winning buzzer-beater. Well, that was true until the game against the Houston Rockets.

Steph Curry iced the game with a sensational buzzer-beater two-pointer to carry the Warriors to a win. It is quite surprising that a player of Curry's stature had never achieved this feat until he turned 33-years-old.

No doubt this was the best moment of the game and it will go down as one of the most iconic moments of Steph's legendary career as well. It was quite evident that Steph had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The 2-time NBA MVP was asked about his thoughts on finally making a buzzer-beater shot. To say that he was happy is an understatement as he said:

"It's about time I made one. That's the first one. AAAAHHHHHHH!"

Now that's what you call a reaction. Speaking of reactions, minutes before Steph iced the game for his team, he was visibly frustrated. The reason is quite obvious as the Warriors were struggling to win against a pretty underwhelming Rockets side.

Moreover, apart from the buzzer-beater, Curry didn't have a good game, shooting-wise. In a video, Curry kicked a chair on the Warriors bench.

We rarely see Steph losing his composure during games. So it was shocking to see Curry let out his frustration this way. Well, it seems like this venting out worked in his favor as he won the game for the team.

As for his stats for the game, he did finish with 22 points and 12 assists while turning the ball over just 2 times. But he shot terribly from the field. Curry was 6-21 from the field while shooting an abysmal 4-13 from the 3-point line.

Let's hope that the "Baby Faced Assassin" finds back his rhythm after this game. Otherwise, it might be a bad news for the Warriors towards the end of the season.