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Stephen Curry's Hilarious Reaction On Potential Lakers-Warriors Matchup In Play-In Tournament

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Stephen Curry is trying to take his Golden State Warriors to, at least, compete in the polarizing play-in tournament. But, given how things have worked for some teams this season, it's highly likely that we will see big duels to define the last two teams that will go to the postseason this year. 

Two of those teams are the Warriors and the current NBA champions, Los Angeles Lakers. The Purple and gold have struggled to get things going since February without Anthony Davis and then LeBron James going down with injuries. 

They're fighting to climb positions on the standings, but plenty of fans believe they are bound to play the play-in tournament that earned a lot of criticism from LeBron James. Given the tournament's format and the rankings of the Lakers and Warriors, they could clash to define the 7th seed in the West. 

Asked if the league would enjoy that matchup, Stephen Curry had a big response, just reacting like the rest of us would have if we were in his position. He just nodded repeatedly to the reporter asking the question, leaving no room to doubt. 

Steph and the Warriors are still trying to improve their record in the league, and the point guard is trying everything to make that possible. On Saturday night, he went off again, dropping 49 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder to give the Dubs the 35th win of the season. 

This victory leaves the Warriors 8th in the West; if the Lakers finish 7th, they would go against Golden State to define the 7th seed in the conference. Of course, this would be something that NBA fans would enjoy. That duel would be highly entertaining, and knowing everything that will be on the line, you know the ratings would go through the roof for the league.