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Stephen Curry’s Son Believed He Was A Golfer During The Pandemic

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Ayesha Curry has revealed her youngest child, Canon, thought his father, Stephen Curry, was a golfer. During the pandemic, the kid got to learn more about his dad as he grew up, but he mixed some things up and, according to his mom, believed his dad was actually a golfer. 

Steph is an avid golf fan, and he's been featured in more than one event, so that was normal for him. Added to the fact that the Golden State Warriors weren't invited to the Orlando bubble, the point guard had more free time to do other activities, including golfing. 

During a recent interview on 'Ellen,' Ayesha revealed that the kid does a lot of things that boys do, saying that he plays basketball but curiously, he thought his father was a golfer (2:12). 

"For the longest time actually, he thought his dad was a golfer because of the pandemic, and there was no basketball in season," the mom of three added. "So he's just now realizing that his dad and his uncles play basketball. So that's been exciting for us."

The good thing is that Canon learned the truth, and now he knows his dad is a basketball player. Just wait until he knows that he's the son of the greatest shooter of all time, a 3x NBA champion and 2x NBA MVP. 

He's already bouncing that basketball, too, so perhaps we're watching the newest generation of Curry that will light the NBA up in the future.