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Stephen Jackson: 'I Have Kids With 5 Womens, I've Paid Millions In Child Support, And I Still Don't See Kids'

Credit: The Enterprise

Credit: The Enterprise

Stephen Jackson has gotten used to advising the young generations in social media and he recently took things to the next level, trying to warn young men about ‘bitter’ women and how they can damage your life.

Jackson took to Instagram, where the former Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs player discussed how having several baby mommas can become a complete nightmare for men and all the trouble that has created for him.

“Find one woman, love her, and have babies with her. Do not have kids with multiple women. Listen to me, that shi** is overrated, played-out, and it ain’t what you think it is.

“I have kids by five women; I take responsibility for laying down with them, for making babies with them, I take full responsibility. But three of them, I regret even knowing. Paid millions, millions and millions of dollars in child support, and still don’t see my kids.

“The quickest way, the fastest way for the demise of a successful black man, is a bitter black woman,” Jackson said.

This is something that happens more than we think, and it’s odd to see a celebrity discussing these matters. However, Jackson is there to do the dirty job and explain things as they are, with no polite words or sugar-coating things.

Of course, things need to be done differently and this is a problem of two, not only the man or the woman’s problem. Captain Jack, as he usually does, tried to keep it real for fans, who will surely appreciate his words.