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Stephen Jackson Takes Shot At Luke Walton, Says LeBron Is The Coach


In the battle of Los Angeles, that's sure to take place this upcoming free-agency, the Lakers and Clippers are both working hard to make their case to prized star free-agents.

The Lakers have the history, the glamour, but the Clippers don't have LeBron James, which means any star that goes there won't have to worry about playing second fiddle.

The Clippers might also win the coaching battle as well. Because if we are to believe former NBA Champion Stephen Jackson, the respect for Luke Walton just isn't there in some people's minds.

I'd rather play for Doc Rivers than Luke Walton. It'll be hard for me to play on the Lakers and respect Luke because I played against him." Jackson said on Fox SPort's The Herd. "I don't respect him. I don't think he's the coach for the Lakers. LeBron's doing all the coaching. That's the truth.

The narrative that LeBron is coaching the team is nothing new. We heard the same in Cleveland and Miami. The difference is, he had his teams set back then. There was no need to lure in a star free-agent because he already had the stars.

With the Lakers, this coaching dilemma can actually do a bit of harm when it comes to their chances this summer. Doc Rivers or Luke Walton... that's not a matchup the Lakers are winning. And when it comes to free agency, that's one area the Purple-and-Gold really don't want to strike out in.

Makes you wonder whether or not Luke's job is as safe as Magic Johnson is having us believe.