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Stephen Silas On Kevin Porter Jr. Getting Suspended: "This Shouldn't Be Blown Out Of Proportion."

Houston Rockets Players Yelled At Kevin Porter Jr. To Get The Rebound To Complete His First Ever Triple-Double

Kevin Porter Jr. is widely viewed as a promising young combo guard who has some shot creation skills, as well as some playmaking ability. He hasn't been having the best season from an efficiency standpoint, but he has definitely shown some good flashes this year and last year.

Recently, Kevin Porter Jr. and his teammate Christian Wood were involved in an incident on the team where both players refused to check into the Nuggets-Rockets game on January 1st. Kevin Porter Jr. reportedly threw an object at an assistant coach after he and Wood were both chastised. Both players were subsequently suspended for the Rockets' recent game against the Philadelphia 76ers

Stephen Silas has recently commented on this incident in regards to Kevin Porter Jr. in particular and claimed that the team still loves him and that "everything" would be okay. He also added that the incident "shouldn't be blown out of proportion" and categorized it as a "bump in the road".

"We still love him, we'll still grow with him. Everything will be okay. This shouldn't be blown out of proportion. It should be a bump in the road." 

It seems as though the Houston Rockets will try to move on from this incident, and it's likely that we will see Kevin Porter Jr. back on the court soon. There's no doubt that the young guard has a lot of talent, and perhaps he will be able to harness it in the future. A backcourt of Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green could potentially become a force in a few years as both players develop.

There is no doubt that the Houston Rockets are looking to develop their players rather than focus on winning games right now, and hopefully, Kevin Porter Jr. takes advantage of the big minutes and high usage that comes with that. While we don't know how whether he will end up reaching his potential, we do know that the Rockets franchise views him highly, and hopefully, we see him develop into a star.