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Stephon Marbury Reveals New 'Smart' Basketball That Lights Up As You Dribble


Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury was never one to do things the conventional way. All you need to do is look at how he decided to forego the latter years of his NBA career and head to China to become a living legend to know that. But Starbury has taken things to the next level, releasing a brand new, next-gen basketball.

The ball seems like a prop out of Space Jam, as it's a fully functional basketball that bounces just like a regulation ball, but emits light like a sun.

The concept is extremely interesting, and could lead to further innovations in the night department of basketball.

We're still unsure if there are any obvious flaws with the design of the ball, such as the feel of the surface or the durability, but if it acts and feels exactly like a normal basketball, who knows what sort of uses this thing could be used for.