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Steve Ballmer Fires A Shot At The Philadelphia Sixers

Steve Ballmer Shot

The 76ers have finally clinched their first playoff berth in six years, undergoing multiple rebuild seasons and finishing with the worst record in 2015-16 season. A record of 10-72 was one of the worst in NBA history behind The 1972-73 76ers (9-73) and The 2011-12 Bobcats (7-59). The 76ers had unfortunate injuries from their draft picks with, Noel (ACL), Embiid (foot) and Simmons (foot) which resulted in a massive drop in crowd attendance.

The Los Angeles Clippers once had the frightening big three consisting of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The Clippers had a playoff drought of never making it to the Western Conference Finals and with talent like that, something wasn’t right. This caused the stars to dispatch, leaving Clippers fans hopeless.

However, owner of Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer, states that there will be no rebuilding like the 76ers, and will be recruiting hard for fans. You could expect The Clippers to go crazy come 2019 free agency.

“You’ve got to take the payroll down to take it up. We’re going to recruit our asses off, whatever it takes to give you the best team that we can give you year in and year out,” Ballmer says.

Ballmer also said that the Clippers won’t tank to get a better draft pick.

“That ain’t us. Nuh-uh, no way,” he said. “People can do it their way. We’re going to be good our way. We’re not going to show up and suck for a year, two years. I think we got higher expectations on us than the long, hard five, six years of absolute crap like the 76ers put in. How could we look you guys in the eye if we did that to you?”

That’s great news for Clippers fans!

Ballmer says there will be no rebuilding seasons coming up and expected to still be a contender. The new arrival of Marcin Gortat and young star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander gives hope for their future and potential to land a free agent superstar next season.