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Steve Ballmer On The Clippers During NBA Suspension: "We're Being Diligent About Continuing To Pay Our Employees."

(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

The COVID-19 pandemic is having waves of impact throughout the sports world. Amid worldwide suspensions of events and the closures of all non-essential businesses, the loss of millions of dollars is at stake -- as is the job security of countless people.

For Steve Ballmer of the L.A. Clippers, they intend to hold up their financial obligations despite the potential for an "eight-digit loss."

"We're being diligent about continuing to pay our employees. We're trying to take care of our smaller vendors. We had a t-shirt vendor we had $100k committed. I think it's important that we pay that money."

As a former CEO of Microsoft, Ballmer understands the financial implications of this virus more than most. In a time where so much financial stability is threatened, it's important to keep the money flowing.

By taking care of his employees and paying his dues to smaller companies, Ballmer and the Clippers are doing their part to ensure that people get taken care of in this crisis.

As for the financial loss of his team, it's nearly unavoidable at this point. The loss of the season will mean the loss of millions. Fortunately, things should bounce back to normal by the 2020-21 campaign, and the Clippers will have years to make up for their loss. Needless to say, it's a difficult time for everyone right now.