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Steve Kerr Amazed By LeBron James' Offensive Transformation From Miami Heat Days

(via TalkBasket)

(via TalkBasket)

We're running out of words to describe what LeBron James is doing right now. Moreover, we just don't understand how people can diminish him or try to take anything away from him after watching him dominate the world for that long.

The King has taken the Los Angeles Lakers back to the playoffs after 7 years and back to the NBA Finals for the first time in a decade. Moreover, he's embraced a different role and didn't hesitate to pass the torch to Anthony Davis because he was ready to be the team's go-to-guy, and it takes a lot of maturities for a superstar to do something like that.

Moreover, James has found a way to adapt and adjust his game. He continues to dominate and be relevant without having to be the team's go-to-guy every time out there, and that, according to Steve Kerr, made him an even better player now than he was six years ago:

“I think LeBron is actually a way better player now than he was six years ago when he played in Miami. It’s remarkable watching the offensive transformation since then, and his confidence in his shooting, and that’s what Miami has to deal with," Kerr said on 95.7 The Game, as quoted by Alex Didion of NBC Sports.

That says a lot, especially considering the fact that LeBron was at his physical prime when he was at South Beach, even winning back-to-back MVPs. The fact that someone like Steve Kerr could say that kind of thing about a 35-year-old player speaks volumes of his greatness.

LeBron James has made the NBA Finals in more than half of his seasons in the NBA. Let that sink in. We're never going to witness something like that again in modern basketball, so give respect where respect is due.