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Steve Kerr Brutally Honestly On The Warriors Starting Lineup: "If I Had To Win A Game Tomorrow, I Wouldn't Start This Group."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Steve Kerr is trying to lead his team to be a competitive one and he's doing a great job this season. However, he's not convinced that they're right where he wants them to be. Kerr and the Golden State Warriors are still trying to figure things out before call themselves a truly competitive team.

Talking about the Warriors, the head coach said that they are getting there but there's still a lot of things to do for this team reach the desired level. They have gotten some good wins in the last couple of weeks but Kerr is well aware neither that's enough nor define where they stand right now as a team. In fact, he claimed he wouldn't start this group if he had an important game to win.

"The team is learning on the fly. I'll be very honest. If I had to win a game tomorrow, I wouldn't start that group. If this was a one time thing I would start a different group and probably got to some different combinations, but this is the team that I wanna see develop a really good defensive identity, and James needs to be out there. Kelly and Andrew need to be together on the wings guarding, you know, LeBron and Kawhi and Paul George and all those guys. So it's gonna take some time and in the meantime there's gonna be some growing pains, but I'm okay with it because for us to be great down the road, whether it's by the end of this year or even next season, James has to develop and Kelly and Andrew have to get comfortable and I'm willing to sacrifice some things here early in the season to get to where we wanna be later on."

This can sound mean and cruel for some people but that just shows that he knows his team can do better and they are working towards that goal. Rookie James Wiseman has struggled in recent games and he's expressed his frustration to not close the games with the rest of his teammates but that's just normal.

Kerr knows the potential of the team and if they keep going the same way, the Dubs can be a hard rival in the postseason. They don't have the Splash Brothers this season but Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are doing a very good job leading this team in the Western Conference.