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Steve Kerr Compares Kevin Durant's Unbelievable Form To Michael Jordan

Kevin Durant On His Future With The Warriors: “Just Watch the Game”

If we’ve learned one thing from watching the Golden State Warriors this postseason, it’s this, Kevin Durant at his best is virtually unstoppable. After the Game 1 win against the Houston Rockets, Durant became one of just four players to average at least 40 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists over a span of five games within one postseason.

One of the other four players to achieve this is none other the great Michael Jordan which Durant’s coach, Steve Kerr knows very well after their Chicago Bulls days.

So for Steve Kerr to compare Durant to Michael Jordan after the Game 1 match against Houston is as good of a compliment as you can get. During Kerr’s postgame press conference, he was asked if had ever seen someone have a stretch like Durant is having, the Warriors Head Coach replied with: "There's this guy named Michael, something. Can't remember his last name."

"Kevin's run these last couple of weeks, it's just been off the charts," Kerr continued. "I've said it a few times this week: He's the most skilled basketball player on Earth. He's one of the most skilled basketball players to ever play the game. There's never been anybody like him — 6-11, handles the ball, shoots threes, passes, defends.

"He's just an unbelievable talent. I think after we lost Game 2 to the Clippers (a historic collapse in the first round), I think he just felt like he just had to turn it up and lift us up another level, and that's exactly what he's done."

In Durant’s last five matches, the two-time Finals MVP has been unstoppable, scoring 38,33, 45, 50 and 35 in each game respectively. This was all after his disappointing Game 2 appearance against the Clippers where he only managed to take eight shots and was well held by Patrick Beverley.

It’s very clear why the Warriors are almost unbeatable when their stars are on a roll, it’s hard to see the franchise losing too many more games from here on out with Durant leading the way. If you’re the Houston Rockets right now, your main goal is to limit the influence of KD, if they can do that, they may be a chance in causing a few upsets.

Game 2 will be held in Oakland on Tuesday Night.