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Steve Kerr Gives A Huge Compliment To LeBron James: “His Efforts Off The Floor Mirror His Efforts On The Floor.”

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

Perhaps the greatest mark of a generational superstar is not the impact he has on the basketball court but, rather, what he does off of it.

For Michael Jordan, that meant being the center of the public eye, from starring in Space Jam, to building his signature brand, to being a voice to those less fortunate, he was a guy that was involved and making a difference in the community.

For LeBron James, the same can be said about his efforts to empower Black Americans and fight for political, social, and racial progress that he feels needs to take place to make this world a better place.

In a chat with Mike Trudell of Spectrum Sportsnet, Warriors coach Steve Kerr became the latest to note just how active James is in his efforts off the floor.

“His efforts off the floor mirror his efforts on the floor. Just incredible accomplishment, when you factor in where he started, how far he’s come and how much he’s done … all the charitable work LeBron has done has touched so many lives,” Kerr said.

James gives to multiple charities, has started a school for kids in his hometown, and has become a leading voice in many social justice movements.

Indeed, the "King" is one of the most charitable soul the sports world has seen in some time. And it's probably why his umbrella of fame has grown to such epic proportions.