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Steve Kerr Gives Huge Praise To Stephen Curry: "There's Never Been Anyone Like Him"

Steve Kerr Gives Huge Praise To Stephen Curry: "There's Never Been Anyone Like Him"

The Golden State Warriors continued their red-hot form against the Los Angeles Clippers. Led by none other than Stephen Curry, the Dubs registered their second win of the season. After the final buzzer, the score was 115-113 in favor of the Warriors.

While the game was a banger, the world had its eyes on one player today - Stephen Curry. The Warriors superstar has been in the league for over a decade, but watching him in form never goes out of style.

Steph finished the game with 45 points, including getting 10 rebounds for his team as well. Following Curry's insane scoring burst, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had nothing but praise for the 2-time MVP.

Via Sporting News

"Steph Curry was just Steph Curry. There's never been anyone like him. Those last two threes were ridiculous."

Apart from Kerr, Warriors forward Draymond Green also had some amazing words for Steph.

"I'm always impressed. It's a very impressive thing that he's doing... But I'm not surprised. With Steph coming off a game like he came off Tuesday, you gotta know he's coming out firing. He doesn't have too many off shooting nights. Definitely impressed, but not surprised at all. He didn't miss a shot today in shootaround, so we kind of knew it was coming. But he could have missed every shot in shootaround and I still would have known it was coming."

As Green mentioned, Curry had an off-game against the Lakers. But instead of letting it get to him, he made a sensational comeback. It's just the beauty of watching Steph play.

This season, the Warriors are one of the favorites to win it all and Curry is one of the biggest reasons for the prediction. 

Talking more about his performance against the Clippers, Steph had his foot on the gas from the opening buzzer. He amassed 25 points in the first quarter, including five three-pointers. Furthermore, he didn't miss even a single shot in the opening quarter of the game.

If Curry can continue his form throughout the season, the Warriors might reclaim their spot as the best team in the league. If someone can make it possible, it is Curry.