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Steve Kerr: "Klay's Going To Start When He Gets Back. Will Kelly Be Interested In Coming Off The Bench? That's A Question Only He Can Answer."

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After failing to make it to the 2021 NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors have a series of questions they need to answer in the offseason. 

They failed to get the 8th seed in the Western Conference after having two chances to do so. They will have to try to add the right pieces to help Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and a healthy Klay Thompson returned to the top of the league. 

One of those questions will circle around Thompson and Kelly Oubre Jr. The latter will become a free agent this offseason. Steve Kerr hopes to have him back next season. Yet, there will be some changes in his role on the team. 

"Klay's going to start when he gets back. So would Kelly be interested in coming off the bench? That's a question only he can answer. So he'll weigh his options, we'll weigh ours and we'll see where it all goes."

Kerr has explained that having a lineup with Curry, Thompson and Andrew Wiggins won't be ideal for Oubre so he'd have to come off the bench. However, this scenario doesn't appear to be likely seeing how the player has reacted to that idea

"I can't speak for the future brother. But I can offer a lot more than coming off the bench. This is my life. I can't tell the future," Oubre said back in March. 

He is a valuable player for the Warriors, but the former Wizards and Suns player may be living his last days in the Bay if they can't make things work. He won't miss suitors in the offseason, but time will tell what he will do next in his career.