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Steve Kerr Knew Kevin Durant Was Going To Leave The Warriors

Warriors Superstar Kevin Durant Reportedly Takes A Shot At Steve Kerr

Ever since Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a heated argument at the beginning of the season, the NBA world started to wonder whether if Durant's time at the bay was coming to an end.

There were dozens of rumors and reports pointing towards Durant leaving at the end of the season, with the New York Knicks, and Brooklyn Nets as his most likely destination for the summer.

Also, people close to them claimed Durant and Kyrie Irving were reportedly in talks about potentially teaming up in the Eastern Conference, so pretty much everybody in the world was aware of that possibility.

Hence, Steve Kerr was unsurprised with the fact that Durant actually opted out of his deal to leave and join the Brooklyn Nets, as he told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck on his podcast:

Beck: “On a scale of 1 to 10, what was your surprise level when you heard (Kevin Durant) had decided to go?”

Kerr: “Uhhh… 1."

Stephen A Smith claimed Kevin Durant 'wasn't feeling Steve Kerr' at all, and then Durant went on record to publically criticize Kerr's offensive system, so he must've been well aware of the fact that he was going to leave.

Durant and Kerr reportedly never get close at all and Durant also felt distant from the rest of the team's core, claiming he was 'never going to be one of them' because he was already a superstar when he joined the team.

Still, people were pretty shocked when the Warriors landed D'Angelo Russell, as he was reportedly pretty close to joining the Minnesota Timberwolves instead.

Durant agreed to a sign-and-trade between the Warriors and Nets to give Golden State the last gift after they helped them win his two NBA Championships, and while he may never feel a part of the organization, his jersey will hang high in the rafters until the end of time.