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Steve Kerr On David Robinson Comparison For Center James Wiseman: “I Know All Of Our Fans Are Probably Hoping [Wiseman] Is Going To Be David Robinson When He Steps Out On The Floor...But Picture David Robinson As A Sophomore At Navy — That’s The Guy You’r

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Steve Kerr has seen no shortage of good players during his time as a player and a coach. Kerr was part of the second Chicago Bulls three-peat, and then later won two rings with the San Antonio Spurs. Throughout his career, Kerr has witnessed the play of many All-Stars, including Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan. Needless to say, Kerr knows what a good player looks like.

The Golden State Warriors recently drafted highly ranked prospect James Wiseman with the No. 2 overall pick. James Wiseman is expected by many to start for the Warriors, and play a key role on the offensive end next to point guard Stephen Curry. However, Golden State coach Steve Kerr asked fans to slightly temper expectations on the rookie.

Asking fans to cut down on their hype for a highly touted rookie isn't going to do much, but Kerr is correct in assuming that Wiseman won't be All-Star caliber right away. While Wiseman is a very promising prospect, nothing is guaranteed in the NBA, and he could easily become a bust. However, Wiseman has the combination of inside skill and athleticism that makes him an extremely appealing fit for the Warriors, as they already have a lot of perimeter talent, but have lacked a good inside presence. Wiseman won't be David Robinson, but he can be serviceable.

The Warriors have put athletic defenders like Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. around Stephen Curry. James Wiseman will be joining their ranks, giving the Warriors roster injection of youth. While he may not be an All-Star, all Wiseman has to do is defend and play off of Stephen Curry: by starting him in a limited role, the Warriors can ensure his success later on. And if he outplays that role, then more minutes are always on the table.