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Steve Kerr On How Steph Curry Revolutionalized The Game: "About Seven-Straight Possessions, These 10-Year-Old Kids Launched 3-Pointers, And I Turned To Steph, And I Said, ‘Steph, This Is All Your Fault.’”

Stephen Curry Says He Is The Greatest 3-Point Shooter Of All Time: “I’m Comfortable Saying It Now.”

The game has changed from a big man-dominated approach to favor guards and three-point shooting, and Stephen Curry championed that cause. On December 14, 2021, Steph made history, setting a new record for the all-time three-pointers made.

Ray Allen was the previous holder with 2,973 threes, but five minutes into the game at Madison Square Garden, he surpassed Allen's record with his second three-pointer of the night. It was a special moment for him, as he got cheers from every corner of the arena despite it being opposition territory.

Steph has often been credited for changing the game, but not many understand the degree. Golden State Warriors head coach was speaking to the press after he was announced as the head coach of Team USA, and he talked about how much Steph has impacted the modern NBA and how he sees these changes at every corner. In the video released by 95.7 The Game, he talked about his experience watching 10-year-olds in Boston.

“About seven-straight possessions, these 10-year-old kids launched 3-pointers, and I turned to Steph, and I said, ‘Steph, this is all your fault.’”

"All you have to do is look at all the young players coming up. Whether they are 10 years old, or 21, or 19 coming into the NBA for the first time, everybody wants to launch from three."

"He's changed the game probably forever. Beyond that tough for me, the way Steph carries himself, and the way he's so coachable can set a tone here for the Warriors. he's the face of our franchise, and I'm incredibly blessed to coach him."

Steve Kerr has led the Warriors to five Finals appearances and won three titles. The Warriors have missed the playoffs for the last two seasons and will be looking to return to postseason action. So far, the Warriors are second on the Western Conference standings with a 24-6 record behind the Phoenix Suns.