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Steve Kerr On John Stockton: 'He Was A Dirty Bast*rd'

kerr stockton

Steve Kerr faced a lot of tough guys during his NBA career. He even played with probably the fiercest competitor of all time, Michael Jordan, going at it with him while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

However, if there's a rival that Kerr remembers as a nasty man, that was Utah Jazz's legend John Stockton. They faced each other in the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals, with Kerr and his Bulls winning the championship on each occasion. Still, he has some big memories from facing Stockton, who he calls a 'bad bastard.'

“We played Utah two years in a row, twelve games against John Stockton. I have the greatest respect for him. I see him away from the court. Love him. Great guy. But he was a dirty bastard!" Kerr said on Open Court while the rest of the crew laughed at his comments. 

"I've never seen a therapist about this. This is my time," he added. 

Stockton was indeed a bad man. He didn't look like somebody who would intimidate rivals, but that's precisely what made things more impressive. The point guard was ready to go at it with anybody. Even Chris Webber couldn't help but accept John was really bad and didn't back down to challenges. 

Unfortunately, he never won a championship, but he and Karl Malone gave everything they had to take the Jazz to the promised land. Yet, when you face somebody named Michael Jordan, things will be a lot harder for you and your team. 

Kerr suffered Stockton's dirtiness during those 12 games, but he had the last laugh and the trophy in the end. As for the Jazz's point guard, he had a terrific career that only missed a title. He has acknowledged that more than once, even trolling Michael Jordan for his big shot in the 1998 Finals