Steve Kerr On Klay Thompson's Injury Recovery: "He's Putting In So Much Work..."

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Steve Kerr On Klay Thompson's Injury Recovery- "He's Putting In So Much Work..."

Before his injuries, Klay Thompson was among the best shooters in basketball. Alongside Steph Curry in a famous back-court, the Warriors achieved great success.

Needless to say, the franchise, and their many fans, are anxious for his return.

During a recent interview on ABC 7, Warriors coach Steve Kerr finally gave another update on Thompson's recovery:

“When Klay started running about three weeks ago, it was like the light was suddenly at the end of the tunnel. I could just tell a big change in his optimism and in his feeling of being part of the group–preparing for next season. These last few weeks have been great, he’s putting in so much work,” Kerr said.

With an Achilles [injury], those first couple of months are just painstaking in terms of just how slow everything comes, progress-wise. So this is really exciting that he’s now on the floor and really starting to move."

After suffering an Achilles and ACL tear in back-to-back offseasons, nobody is sure if Klay will ever return to his prime self. Those days might be over now.

But it doesn't mean his days of being an effective two-way player are a thing of the past. With the optimism surrounding Klay, and the work he seems to be putting in getting his game back to form, we have plenty of reasons to believe he can help the Warriors get back into the playoffs next year.

Honestly, at this point, we'd all just be happy to see him on the court again.