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Steve Kerr On The Raptors: "Everything Is Surreal These Days. You Walk On To The Court And There's A Sign That Says 'We The North' And You're In South Florida."

(via WPTV)

(via WPTV)

The 2020-21 NBA season has been almost as crazy as the last. Thanks to COVID-19, the league has had to take a number of measures to comply with health and safety protocols.

One of the season's biggest adjustments has been the temporary re-location of the Toronto Raptors, who have played in South Florida since the beginning of the season.

Reflecting on that fact, and how wild this season has been, Warriors coach Steve Kerr made a rather memorable quote, citing that just about everything is "surreal" these days.

(via Eric Koreen)

"Everything is surreal these days. You walk on to the court and there's a sign that says We The North and you're in South Florida. That's kind of weird. That's what Michelle Poole said to me on the way in as we were walking our way into the arena. I can only imagine what it's like for the Toronto coaches and club, players and management to be living down here throughout the season. Just an incredible challenge for everybody involved.

As I've said many times, we're all trying to keep the NBA going. Everybody's making sacrifices, trying to do their part. I know Toronto has gone above and beyond to do that as an organization. I thank all the players and coaches and management who have made those sacrifices, probably more than anybody in the league. I think we all thank them for doing so."

The Raptors have had an undeniably tough season. Being away from their home, city, and fans can really take a toll on a player throughout the course of a season.

Of course, that's not to say things haven't been unusually challenging for other teams as well.

Hopefully, with some more time and vaccine distribution, this COVID pandemic will be under control, and life can return back to normal.