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Steve Kerr Praises Steph Curry’s Elite Fighting Mentality: “What Goes Unnoticed Is Steph Is A Killer”

Steve Kerr Jokes That He Will Rest Steph Curry Tomorrow Against The Knicks Ahead Of Him Breaking Ray Allen's Record: "Couldn't Resist."

Steph Curry is often mentioned in the conversation for best players in the NBA. Curry, along with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, have had a stranglehold on the title over the last 10 years. 

And while Curry's Warriors struggled during the regular season, Steph was putting up some of the best numbers and performances of his career last year. The Chef was the NBA scoring champion last season, and a solid contender for MVP as well.

Steph is regarded as a revolutionary player who changed the way the modern NBA game is played. Because of his unprecedented proficiency from the three-point line, Curry has brought about an era in which most teams emphasize three-point shooting.

But there is a criticism held against Curry; he doesn't step up in the big moments. Many analysts point to the fact that Steph has never won an NBA Finals MVP in his career as a big drawback. 

And they also look at times when he was asked to carry the heavy load of the Warriors offense but succumbed under the weight of expectations. But according to his head coach Steve Kerr, Steph is extremely competitive, and a killer on the court.

Kerr said that Steph Curry's competitive nature tends to go under the radar. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Curry is fiercely motivated. 

Because of how talented Steph is, it doesn't always look like he's giving his best effort, but Kerr said nothing could be further from the truth.

"What goes unnoticed is Steph is a killer. He is an unbelievable competitor. Maybe people are fooled because of the way he looks, or his demeanor. Everything seems to be so easy for him. But he is an absolute killer competitor."

The former 2-time NBA MVP has been playing at the highest level for a long time now. And his performances have helped the Warriors capture 3 NBA championships in the last few years.