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Steve Kerr Responds To ‘F*ck You Draymond’ Chants From Boston Crowd: "Very Classy..."

Draymond Green

Things get pretty intense during the NBA playoffs, especially in the Finals. This year is no different.

As two of the NBA's oldest and most accomplished teams, things have gotten expectedly heated between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors, who have not played against each other at this stage since 1964.

In Game 3, the first in Boston, fans made sure to let the other side know just how they felt with some rather unfiltered boos towards Draymond Green.

After the game, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called out the fans for their classless behavior.

Unfortunately, Draymond is an easy target of hate for the fans. Besides his role on the court as a staunch defender and enforcer, he's a guy that talks a lot of trash and has made a lot of enemies both on the court and off.

It has gotten so bad that Draymond's wife, Hazel, felt compelled to come to his husband's defense.

"Tough loss tonight BUT in NO WAY, shape, or form should fans be allowed to chant obscenities at players!" she wrote on her Instagram Stories on June 8. "The NBA has the audacity to have a whole code of conduct card at every seat about fans and their behavior and how they could be ejected from a game or banned but a whole crowd/section/numerous people get to chant F**K YOU DRAYMOND or call him a B**** or MF? And nothing??"

The fans, it seems, have really gotten into Draymond's head. He, his wife, and his teammates have all made statements about the chants, and his performance on the court has suffered in 2 out of the 3 games so far.

So, as Green combats the spectators in verbal warfare, his team faces the reality of a 3-1 hole with just one more loss. Every expectation is that Draymond and his squad will rise to the occasion and use all the negativity as fuel for the series.