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Steve Kerr Reveals Warriors’ No. 1 Problem

Steve Kerr Says Anthony Davis Forced Trade Is ‘Bad For The League’

It's just pre-season, right? Just a bunch of exhibition games that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

To Warriors coach Steve Kerr, it's a little bit more than that. He sees it as an opportunity, of sorts, for his team to grow and get better before the real action begins -- and he has already exposed a major problem for the Warriors.

Through the pre-season matches so far, the Warriors have been the second-worst rebounding team of the competition, which includes some international clubs.

To the Warriors' credit, they are missing centers Willie Cauley-Stein and Kevin Looney. As a result, the Dubs are really small and are having a hard time on the glass.

Still, this problem has been nothing particularly new for the Warriors. throughout their historic run, rim-running, board-grabbing big men have always been a weak point for them. In these final exhibition games, Kerr and his staff are going to be focusing on the rebounding battle and hoping the Golden State players are using the proper technique to box out and grab the rebound once the season really begins next week.

Having all of their guys back won't hurt, either.