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Steve Kerr Says Andrew Wiggins Deserves To Be An All-Star: "He’s One Of The Best Two-Way Players In The League..."

Andrew Wiggins

In San Francisco, Steph Curry and Draymond Green are widely (and rightfully) hailed for their role in the Warriors' success. As some of the best players basketball has to offer, there is no questioning their value to the organization.

But Andrew Wiggins is also an important and often overlooked member of the team. What he brings on both ends of the floor is truly impressive.

Speaking to the media, Steve Kerr gave heavy praise to Wiggs, arguing why he should be voted in as an All-Star this season.

(via Yahoo Sports)

“He’s one of the best two-way players in the league,” Kerr told reporters. “Night in and night out he gives us 18 or 20 points. He’s shooting 42 percent from the three, he’s guarding the most difficult player on the court every single night at the other end. He’s taken on the role defensively that is just crucial to our team with Klay [Thompson] out."

“At [6-foot-8], strong and athletic, he can switch on to bigs and hold his own, but also guard the smaller point guards in the league who cause so much havoc,” Kerr said. “Just an incredibly valuable player. I also believe the All-Star Game should be about wins. You know, anytime there’s players that are close together in the balloting, the voting, I think being on winning teams should count for something. And obviously, we’ve had a great start to the season so I think Wiggs deserves to be an All-Star.”

Wiggins, 26, joined the Warriors in 2020 after a 6-year stint in Minnesota. Right away, he proved his worth on the offensive end, averaging 19.4 points per game through his first 12 games with the team.

He has maintained that level of play so far, helping Golden State retake their place at the top of the West.

It remains to be seen how he'll adjust to the return of Klay Thompson, but what he has shown so far proves he's capable of shining in a winning situation.

Hopefully, he'll be rewarded for it one way or another.