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Steve Kerr Says He 'Doesn't See' The Trae Young/Steph Curry Comparisons

Steve Kerr Says He 'Doesn't See' The Trae Young/Steph Curry Comparisons

Just like any other up-and-coming young star, Trae Young is constantly being compared to his elders.

Mostly, it's Steph Curry who is included in the same breath as the Hawks point guard.

But in a chat with reporters on Sunday, Warriors coach Steve Kerr challenged that comparison before suggesting a new one.

(via ClutchPoints)

“I don’t see the similarity actually,” Kerr told reporters on Sunday. “I know people want to make it maybe because of the deep shooting range, but I see more Luka (Doncic) with Trae, just in a smaller package…They have a very similar game. It’s going to be 50 High screens and roles, it’s the ability to shoot a step-back three, shoot a floater, get to the rim, and pick you apart defensively. Those guys remind me of each other more than Steph and Trae,” the Warriors coach added. “I don’t think anybody can compare to Steph in terms of what he does for us. Nobody moves off the ball like Steph Curry does. Nobody shoots it off the dribble like he does. So I think Trae and Steph are very different.”

Like Curry, Young is an expert sharpshooter with incredible handles. Unfortunately, he is not yet at Steph's level.

In 3 seasons, the Hawks star is averaging 28.2 points, 9.5 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per game on 45.9% shooting. In that time, the Hawks have gotten as far as the Eastern Conference Finals.

This season, however, is proving to be a challenge for the young stud and his squad. After their amazing run a year ago, they are just 10th in the East and far from the level the Warriors have been at all season long.

Until Young proves he can lead his team to a Championship, any comparison to Curry is going to be met with resistance. The Texas native still has a lot to prove.