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Steve Kerr Says He Expects Klay Thompson To Be More Consistent Next Year: "Klay Is Just On Cloud Nine Right Now."

Steve Kerr Says He Expects Klay Thompson To Be More Consistent Next Year: "Klay Is Just On Cloud Nine Right Now."

Klay Thompson is a large part of what makes the Golden State Warriors who they are. The team is a juggernaut when they are at full complement, the latest dynasty in the long history of the NBA. Having secured their 4th ring of this era, the Warriors are looking towards the future with more hope, it's hard to see who will beat them if they continue to develop their young core while keeping their stars healthy. 

Stephen Curry is the key, having won a Finals MVP, he will certainly want to add to that tally next season. But Klay Thompson is just as important, it's no surprise that the Warriors got back to the promised land as soon as he returned from his devastating injuries. Thompson missed 2 years, which meant multiple offseasons, and is currently enjoying being able to work on his craft in the summer again

When he returned to action last season, Thompson was not firing on all cylinders. Having made his return halfway through the season as well, Klay wasn't able to get back to his best. But with the entire summer now under his belt to get his legs under him, there are once again expectations that Thompson will return to his excellent level of play. 

Klay Thompson Is Expected To Get Back To His Consistent Best This Season, As Per Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is also a big part of what makes the Warriors as good as they are. And having coached Klay with much success, he had some thoughts on how he's feeling at the moment and what is expected of him moving forward, as shared by NBC Sports.

“Klay is just on cloud nine right now,” Kerr said. “He can’t wait for camp to start, and I would expect him to be more consistent this year, just having that conditioning base underneath him, and that consistency of good health and being able to train all summer.

“We texted the other day, and he is just having such a great summer. He’s in such a wonderful place now that he’s back and he’s healthy, and his brother Trayce [Thompson] is hitting home runs for the Dodgers.”

A happy Klay Thompson is excellent news for Warriors fans and trouble for the rest of the league. If the Warriors can get peak Klay back, they will once again be among the favorites to win it all. The sky is the limit for the team, and Thompson, who is a fan favorite, will be raring to go next season.