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Steve Kerr Says He Made "The Right Decision" By Not Signing With Knicks In 2015

(via Wall Street Journal)

(via Wall Street Journal)

Steve Kerr engineered the most successful campaign of any first-year coach in NBA history in 2014-15, bringing in the Warriors' fourth NBA Championship in franchise history and the first in 40 years. Since then, it's been nothing but loyalty and love between Kerr and the front-office, characterizing a relationship that has been a perfect fit from the start.

But, as he would reveal later, it almost didn't happen. When the Knicks offered him a position in 2015, he was pitted between choosing two teams. He obviously went with Golden State, not knowing what they would become, and it ended up being one of the best decisions he's ever made.

And, in hindsight, he expressed how much things would have changed had he became a Knick that day...

"If I had gone to New York, that would have been me three years ago. ... I think I made the right choice."

The firing of Fizdale marks another step back for a franchise that has struggled for years. With Kerr in the middle of that situation, things likely would have remained the same.

Perhaps he dodged a bullet with that one, huh?