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Steve Kerr Says Kevin Durant Has More Weapons Than Michael Jordan Had

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

In the midst of one of the greatest playoff performances we have seen from Kevin Durant, he is starting to draw some major comparisons. To Kobe, to Kareem -- and perhaps the most interesting of all -- to Michael Jordan. In a piece by SLAM, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explained why Durant is dominating in different ways than MJ ever did.

“Michael was just a stone-cold killer every night. He wanted to rip your heart out every night and he wanted to bury you and score 30-40 points. That was his mentality,” Kerr said. “Kevin is more of a thinker on the floor. He is perfectly content to have a game where he can take seven shots. Michael Jordan never would’ve done that. He would get 20-plus shots up every night. So Kevin thinks the game a little bit more as a distributor and an all-around player where Michael knew exactly where he was and he made no bones about it. He was going to come downhill, attack you and take over the game physically, spiritually and every which way. Kevin enjoys being part of the group, distributing and taking on different roles, blocking shots and becoming a defensive force out on the floor.”

He concluded with explaining that KD has to know how to use his teammates more because he has more weapons than even Jordan did.

“It sounds crazy,” Kerr said, “but he’s got more weapons than Michael Jordan has.”

It might be easy to forget what kind of talent MJ had around him, but it wasn't shallow. He had Kerr, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc and one of the greatest coaching minds of all time in Phil Jackson.

But when you compare that to Steph, Klay, Draymond, Iguodala, and Kerr, it is not hard to see who had it better.

To his credit though, Durant has certainly done a good job integrating himself with the Warriors. He has humbled himself on the court, played within the system (for the most part), and is doing his best to get his teammates involved. The same cannot necessarily be said for Michae Jordan, as great as he was.