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Steve Kerr Subtly Roasts Houston Rockets After Being Asked About Their Success


Everyone expected the Golden State Warriors -- a team which has featured in the past three Finals series -- to come into the 2017/18 NBA season and dominate proceedings like they have been prone to do since the 2015 NBA season, and so far -- even with injuries to their key core -- the Warriors are sitting pretty on top of the Western Conference with a 26-6 record.

What some people didn't expect, however, is just how good the Houston Rockets have been this season. After falling to the Spurs in the semi-finals of the Western Conference playoffs, the Rockets added Chris Paul from the Clippers, forming a formidable backcourt duo in Paul and James Harden, the latter of which has been having a spectacular season thus far, leading the MVP race after falling short to Russell Westbrook last season.

Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr was asked about Houston's success this season, as they only sit half a game back from the Warriors in the West, and Kerr offered a typical Kerr response we've come to expect from the three-point marksman.

Talk about taking your opponent lightly.

Even though we all know Kerr is half-joking, having the sort of success he's had while coaching the Warriors will warp your perception of rival teams the longer you can sustain this level of dominance just like the Warriors have.

With the way Durant has been playing -- another name in the MVP race, especially considering Curry has been sitting out with a nagging ankle injury -- the Warriors look like they'll be heading to their fourth consecutive Finals appearance in June of next year, but sooner or later, Golden State's golden run will have to end, and with the way Harden and Paul have been playing when they're able to make the court at the same time, it's becoming harder and harder to count the Rockets out of an upset come the playoffs.