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Steve Kerr Tells Hilarious Gambling Story From Pelicans Win

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

Steve Kerr just admitted to placing an over/under bet with his coaching staff in the closing minutes of Golden State's 134-123 win over New Orleans on Monday.

(via KNBR 680)

"I have to admit something to you. I set an over/under with the rest of the coaching staff on total points. This is probably against NBA rules -- I may lose my job over this, probably not a smart thing to say on the radio -- but before the game, seeing their lineup and seeing our lineup -- they're small, we're small, we got shooters everywhere, so do they.

"For $1 -- over/under -- I think I set it at 228. Aaron Miles jumped in, he goes, 'Under, it's going under.' Poor Aaron. The last two minutes, I think New Orleans made like five 3s or something (laughter).

"And by that time I had completely forgotten about it. Then we get into the locker room after the game and Aaron hands me a dollar, and I burst out laughing."

Kerr will likely get in trouble for sharing this story publicly, gambling is strictly prohibited in the NBA. In fact, he could get fired completely.

Barring that news, though, it's an utterly hilarious tale in the midst of what has been a poor season for the Warriors. Hopefully, next time, they can raise the bar a little higher.