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Steve Kerr: "There’s A Lot Of Great Teams In The West But We Feel Confident Against Any Of Them."

Draymond Green

For a while, the Golden State Warriors looked like the best team in basketball. But over the past few weeks, they've been struggling to maintain that same level of play.

Tuesday night's collapse against the Timberwolves gave them their second-straight loss and their sixth in just 10 games. Only a half-game separates the Dubs from the 3rd-seeded Grizzlies.

Despite it all, Steve Kerr still has faith in his team and would pick them over anybody in the West.

“I know we feel really confident in the West, there’s a lot of great teams but we feel confident playing against any of them. That’s why I’m not in panic mode.”

Steph Curry has struggled mightily since breaking the All-Time 3-point record months ago, and his performance is likely partly to blame for Golden State's slide.

Perhaps even more impactful has been the absence of Draymond Green, who is currently sitting out with a back injury.

“There’s a lot more room to attack the rim without Draymond. Draymond’s one of the best rim protectors in the league… that’s been an issue for us for sure.”

Draymond may not seem like an important member of Dub Nation, but what he brings to the floor is essential in what they do. A case can be made that he's actually the most important player to the team.

Draymond is the most important key to this team. Why? Because they built a system around him," said Festus Ezeli. "They built a system around the 3 guys which is Draymond, Steph and Klay. He might not be the best player on the team, but he's the most important.

This year, they're deciding that small-ball is the way we're gonna go... for that to be effective, we need our Defensive Player of the Year in the back to anchor us. That's why they went out to this huge lead to start the season, they're 2nd in the NBA still, even with going 14-11 in the last games. When you miss a guy like Draymond, who calls out all the coverages, who sets great screens for Steph and Klay to get open, who is the leader and the heart of the team...of course you're going to miss Draymond.

This season, the Warriors will have to battle some stiff competition if they want to come out of the West. Phoenix, Memphis, Utah, and even Dallas should prove to be tough opponents.

Without Draymond, the odds will not be in their favor. But with their guys healthy and ready to go, they could return to being the team we saw earlier in the year.

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see.