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Steve Kerr Thinks Every Young Basketball Player Should Start In Soccer

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

As a 5x NBA Champion with the Bulls, and 3x Champion as a coach of the Warriors, Steve Kerr knows basketball about as well as anyone. So when he mentioned soccer as a starting point for youth basketball players, more than a few ears were listening.

Here is what he said in a chat on the "Men in Blazers" podcast:

“I would make every player coming through the youth basketball program play football because it translates directly. The problem in basketball today [is] the young players are coming up and they just try to beat everybody one-on-one with the dribble. They’re unbelievably gifted dribbling the ball, but they don’t understand the pass and the move. Which is what football would teach them.”

Perhaps no sport emphasizes team play like soccer does. Each player must work together and combine their talents to score a goal. It involves passing, selflessness, and a true understanding of the game.

In basketball, isolation offense is over-glorified, and young players are often incentivized to not only rack up their numbers on the stat sheet but also do things entirely on their own.

It's easy to see how a basketballer could learn a thing or two from a game that is treasured by the world. Kerr may be on to something here...