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Steve Kerr, Warriors, Were Concerned Steph Curry Had Coronavirus

(via ABC7 News)

(via ABC7 News)

So far, only Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have tested positive for Coronavirus.

While it's not known where they caught it from, COVID-19 has made its way all around the globe -- including San Fransisco, where Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors call home.

After displayed flu-like symptoms, it was revealed that Curry just had a case of the common-flu. Apparently, though, Kerr and some others on the team were worried he had Coronavirus.

(via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area)

“We all were very concerned that maybe he had the coronavirus. And that’s why our team doctors were very, very much on the case,” the Warriors coach said.

“I felt guilty because he had played in the Toronto game. And then the next day we went to open for that march. Some meetings, and I … So when he was sick the next day I thought, “Oh, man.” You know, I needed to send Steph home. He hadn’t been sick the day before, but it was a big day, with him coming back and expending all that energy and emotion in the game. And I felt … When he came down, I felt somewhat responsible because I invited him to take part in the Oakland festivities, but he assured me that it had nothing to do with that.”

Fortunately, Steph avoided COVID-19 so far, and he has made a full recovery from the flu.

As for the NBA, nobody knows when things will return to normal. After Rudy Gobert was confirmed positive for the virus, the league shut down all basketball-related activities until further notice. Meanwhile, the virus continues to multiply around the globe, taking thousands of lives along the way.

It's good that Curry was spared, but situation is still a long way away from being over.