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Steve Kerr Was Mad At James Wiseman Because He Forgot To Take A Coronavirus Test Over The All-Star Break, Compromising His Participation Against Clippers

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

James Wiseman came to the NBA without not so much experience in college, playing only three games with the Memphis Tigers and it seems like he never learned about certain things you don't have to miss. Now as an NBA rookie, Wiseman is trying to improve what he couldn't in college and that's not just about his game.

Wiseman recently made a rookie mistake that didn't please anybody, especially his head coach Steve Kerr. The 19-year-old missed a COVID-19 test during the All-Star break that made him skip Wednesday's practice with the Dubs and now his participation in the Warriors-Clippers game is at risk right now. Kerr wasn't happy with that and called it a disappointment.

"It was a mistake," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, via ABC30. "He just forgot. So it's disappointing because he could have used the practice tonight, and we needed him out there. And so it's disappointing that he made the mistake."

This obviously raised a lot of eyebrows within the organization but they hope to see Wiseman learning from his mistakes and do better in the future. Stephen Curry also talked about his rookie teammate, showing his support and saying this will help him in his career.

"It's what you have to do," Curry said. "For a rookie to come in, there's obviously a lot of things thrown at you, just in terms of what's happening on the court, but now, obviously, all the protocol stuff and the accountability of the break, but I think we all understand this is our job and we have things to do. When you don't do them, it's put you behind a little bit, so hopefully he won't be out long. I don't know what the situation really is, to be honest.

"But, I think we all got to do our part to get through this season. It's been good so far, so I don't expect that to continue."

Wiseman is just starting his career but he should have known better than this. He's still young and has a lot to learn so hopefully this won't happen again. He's expected to have a very good career in the association and the Warriors are counting on him.

The Dubs start the second half of the season against the Clippers. They are still in the hunt for a playoffs spot and will need every help they can get to make it to the big party, including the rookie big man.