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Steve Kerr Was There When Reggie Miller, Ray Allen And Stephen Curry Each Broke The 3PT Record

Steve Kerr Was There When Reggie Miller, Ray Allen And Stephen Curry Each Broke The 3PT Record

Stephen Curry, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller share many similarities, starting with their explosiveness as shooters and the fact that they held the all-time 3-point record until the younger player surpassed them. 

First, Miller held the career mark for 13 seasons until Ray Allen finally broke it in 2011, while he was still a part of the Boston Celtics. Allen held the record for 11 seasons until Curry surpassed him yesterday at Madison Square Garden. These three are the greatest shooters this game has seen, and they have more in common than people even imagine.

One thing that went unnoticed last night was the fact that Steve Kerr was around at the time Miller, Allen and Curry broke the record. Jay Scott Smith took to Twitter to point out that the 8x NBA champion was present the last three times it happened. 

The fact that Steve Kerr was there when Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Stephen Curry each broke the 3PT record is Forrest Gump level wild.

As Smith would add, Kerr was a player in 1998, the year Miller made history. He was a commentator in 2011 when Allen broke the previous record, and yesterday, he was Stephen Curry's head coach, who called a timeout after the player nailed the record-breaking 3. 

This is an interesting coincidence, more so knowing that Kerr was a 3-point specialist himself. He boasts the best 3-point percentage of all time, a mark that Curry could reach in the future, although that looks hard to accomplish right now. 

Kerr has been a common presence when these records are broken and one wonders if he'll be around if Curry's record gets shattered in the future. Well, seeing Steph's pace, it's hard to think that somebody will surpass what he's done. But, things are constantly changing in the league, so never say never.