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Steve Kerr: "We Have No Freedom If People Are Getting Murdered By Mentally Unstable People With Guns That Are Easily Bought."



The tragic shooting in Atlanta, Georgia has many around the country calling for stricter gun-control laws.

On Wednesday, Steve Kerr became the latest to speak up on the topic, clamoring that "freedom" is being able to live without fear rather than having to endure restrictions on firearms. Here's his statement, which has been making waves online...

"I hear about people talk about the price of freedom. We have no freedom if people are getting murdered by mentally unstable people with guns that are easily bought. That doesn't sound like freedom to me. Freedom would be the ability to live without fear of getting murdered."

Obviously, deaths at the hand of senseless gun violence deserve some sort of solution. While the scope and nature of that solution is highly debated, Kerr wants the country to start by restricting the purchase and sale of certain firearms to citizens.

Considering Kerr’s father was murdered by a gunman in Beirut, it's no surprise to hear him take such a stance -- and it's definitely understandable.

And while Kerr's push for change has done little to alter the current legislation, you can bet he will continue to be a voice for this issue, and fight for the safety of America's citizens.