Steve Nash After Elimination: “We’re Missing Kyrie And James Is On One Leg. You Have To Understand It’s Not The Same.”

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Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, upsetting the No. 2 seed at home in an intense Game 7.

After the game and the series was over, plenty of fans blasted the Nets for not making it to the ECF. Kevin Durant balled his heart out during the series, having incredible performances to keep his team alive. 

Still, Brooklyn missed their other two superstars, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. This team was considered favorites to win in all this season, but Irving went down with an injury while Harden played on one leg after suffering a hamstring injury. 

Following the game, Steve Nash talked about the Nets' struggles and absences, admitting that it was plausible that they would get eliminated, especially with Kyrie out and Harden playing at half his pace. 

"I knew it was possible, especially with all the stuff we faced,” Nash said, via New York Daily News. “You’re missing Kyrie, James is on one leg, you have to understand it’s not the same. And so I still thought we could win it and clear, I think we proved that we could. The game could have gone either way. You always know there’s a chance. Anything could happen. I think we just faced one too many obstacles this year because I thought our guys gave it everything they had.”

This season didn't end as the Nets, or their fans wanted. Injuries really bothered their Big 3 and we couldn't see them doing their thing in the playoffs. KD tried really hard but couldn't get the job done. So these players will try to get revenge next season to see what they can do when healthy and ready to go.