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Steve Nash On His Tenure With The Lakers: "An Incredible Experience And A Disaster All At Once."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Before Steve Nash was a coach for the Brooklyn Nets, he was one of basketball's elite point guards.

During the final leg of his 18-year career, Nash spent two seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. And while that era was not his most memorable, it might have been the most dramatic.

In reflection upon his time with the Purple and Gold, the 8x All-Star used conflicting words to describe the experience: "incredible" and a "disaster."

“It was an incredible experience and a disaster all at once and I don’t regret a minute of it,” Nash said.

Nash served a very interesting role with the Lakers. Serving as the veteran floor general and playmaker, he was kind of a co-leader next to Kobe Bryant, who was nearing the end of his own career at that time.

Obviously, we know how it all ended for that team. The "big three" with Nash, Bryant, and Dwight Howard fell apart after just one season, and the Lakers were sent into the void of a rebuilding era.

Looking back, it's pretty tough to describe what exactly happened to that Lakers team, but it seems Nash has no regrets about his time there -- which is probably more than can be said for some.