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Steve Nash Reveals Which Sport He Would Take On Shaq O'Neal: 'Skateboard. He Told Me He's The Black Tony Hawk.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Steve Nash going against Shaquille O'Neal is a very despair matchup, but the NBA legend is confident in his chances to beat Shaq at any sport they played. During an old interview, the former Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns point guard was asked which sport he'd prefer to take on Shaq.

"I think I can take him in pretty much every sport, sorry big fella but I like to see him on a skateboard. He told me he's the black Tony Hawk but I said that's totally erroneous," he said.

Nash and O'Neal played together in Phoenix, but in recent times, it seems like Shaq holds some grudges against his former teammate. He recently showed his disagreement with the fact Steve won two MVPs while he and Kobe only had one.

“He got two, I got one, Kobe got one. Something’s wrong with that picture," Shaq said.

It looks like Nash already knows a way to settle that debate, using skateboarding to beat Shaq. The Canadian point guard practiced more sports other than basketball during his career, and he looks pretty confident about his chances of beating Shaq using his board. It would've been a big show watching Shaq competing against Nash in the X Games or something.