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Steve Nash Says The Nets Aren’t Thinking Of Kyrie Irving Right Now: “We Just Focus On Our Group And Getting Better Every Single Day And If We Get The Gift Of His Return, We’ll Be Ecstatic But We Can’t Count On It."

Anonymous Nets Front Office Member On Kyrie Irving Testing Positive For COVID-19: "Part Of Me Was Glad That It Shut Up The Anti-Vaxxed Hailing Him."

The Brooklyn Nets have struggled so far without a crucial part of their Big 3, Kyrie Irving. Although they sit atop of the Eastern Conference standings with a 16-7 record, their performances have been less than convincing.

Sixteen wins are impressive, but many argue that they were against the less established teams. They have lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and twice to the Chicago Bulls.

Nets head coach Steve Nash has confirmed that he is still in contact with Irving, but they do not talk about basketball. The All-Star could miss the entire 2021 NBA season even he does not get vaccinated.

New York City's covid-19 mandate has prohibited Irving from featuring for the Nets if he does not get vaccinated. Although he could have featured for the team on road games, the organization was not open to having him on a part-time basis.

Recent reports have suggested that Kyrie will be open to getting a shot, only if the vaccine is plant-based. While that might be good news for the franchise, Irving is yet to decide on what course of action he will take.

Nash was asked how the franchise is feeling regarding a possible return for Kyrie, and he had this to say:

"We just focus on our group and getting better every single day and if we get the gift of his return, we’ll be ecstatic but we can’t count on it. We can’t wait for him. We have to get to work, and get better.”

Having Kyrie on the roster will be an instant boost, and the Nets will automatically become the favorites for the championship. James Harden has been underwhelming so far this season, and the Nets need a spark.

Kevin Durant has been sublime for the Nets and is leading the league in points per game. He is also a top contender for the 2022 MVP award.